From Sweet to “I Can’t Feel My Tongue!”

Every pepper is grown and hand-picked on Lone Rock Farms. We take great pride in naturally growing the tastiest, freshest, and spiciest peppers available to humankind.

We have peppers for every occasion and heat tolerance. If you dare to try the spiciest pepper on the planet, look no further than the Carolina Reaper. It might burn the hair off your chest but if you survive, know that you consumed the hottest pepper in the world.


Pail - Yellow Mild

Green - Medium Hot

Fish Pepper
Green - Medium Hot

Scotch Bonnet
Yellow - Medium Hot

Yellow - Medium Hot

Early Jalapeno
Green - Medium Hot

Red - Hot

Devils Rib
Red- Very Hot

Apocalypse Red
Red - Very Hot

Yellow Moruga
Yellow - Very Hot

Carolina Reaper
Red, Peach, Chocolate & Yellow
World's Hottest Pepper

Are you ready to try the CArolina Reaper?

Head on over to the farm to pick some up.

Bell Peppers

Quatro Asti Gallo Yellow - Sweet

Orange Bell Orange - Sweet

Mini Red Bell Red - Sweet

Garden Sunshine Multi Color - Sweet

Emerald Giant Green - Sweet

Chocolate Bell Brown - Sweet

Wisconsin Lakes Bell Red - Sweet

California Wonder Green/Red - Sweet

Tollis Sweet Italian Pepper Red - Sweet

King of the North Red  - Sweet

Ralph Thompson Squash Bell Red - Medium Hot